Genevieve has been a student of Yoga since 1996.  Her practice has evolved within different expressions of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system, but since 2010, she has consciously dedicated herself to this lineage.  It has been life altering.

The main components of Ashtanga Yoga are:

Posture, breath, and looking place.  These correspond to the cleansing of the body, nervous system and the mind.  Cleansing the body requires fire and air.  We stoke our internal fire with a steady breath.  Long even breathing stabilizes the nervous system. Dristi purifies and stabilizes the mind.

This is the ultimate goal of the yogic process...  To clean and clear the body, the nervous system, and the mind so that our inner light can shine (According to the Yoga Shastra).  The path of Ashtanga Vinyasa is extremely efficient in accomplishing these efforts.

Within this lineage, Genevieve has been honored to study under many well respected teachers including:  Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, David Swenson, Sharath Jois, Tim Feldman, Lisa Schrempp, Kino MacGregor, and Magnolia Zuniga. Living in the small town of Flagstaff, AZ, senior teachers were simply not available for daily practice.  Consequently, most practice days were spent in solitude with an occasional visit to one of the forementioned teachers.  

After spending time studying intensively with Tim Miller in 2016, Genevieve realized that there was nothing more important for her to pursue than this practice of yoga.  Trusting in the guidance of her teacher, Tim Miller, she moved to the Carlsbad area in 2017 and is committed to integrating the ashtanga practice into her path however it unfolds.

Her experience in bodywork has given birth to a passion for working with people who have physical obstacles that might limit their asana practice.  Genevieve aspires to weave all of this into one coherent map for teaching, and gives respect to teachers outside of this lineage who have helped guide her through the process.  Notably, Keelyn Riley has had an influence on her teaching as it relates to therapeutics and using the body to slow down the disturbances of the mind.  Malissa Bobbit also graciously shared her tradition of Bhakti during Genevieve's 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2012 through the Northern Arizona Yoga Center.  Many thanks for the blessings and insights that were so graciously shared.

Genevieve practices Ashtanga Vinyasa daily and also maintains a daily meditation practice in the tradition of Vipassana.  The discipline of these practices has been her greatest teachers.


Here are a few websites about Ashtanga Yoga: